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The Jazz Method For Saxophone will guide beginners of all ages from producing their first note on the saxophone to the performance of full-blown jazz pieces, including ‘classics’ by Thelonius Monk, Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins and Horace Silver, as well as contributions from leading contemporary jazz players and composers.

Backing for all of the music – specially recorded for this method – is provided on the accompanying CD so that, right from the start, student saxophonists can enjoy an authentic jazz sound, playing in the company of a top-class rhythm section (bass, guitar and drums) used later to support first attempts at improvisation. 

With step-by-step instruction and a progression of specially written pieces, the fundamental elements of good saxophone technique – breath control, tone production, embouchure, tonguing and fingerings – are introduced alongside the rhythmic subtleties of jazz (for example ‘swung’ and syncopated rhythms). Improvisation is encouraged from an early stage, given direction through the systematic study of scales and arpeggios and advice on ear-training and chord patterns. With additional information on practical matters such as choosing reeds and caring for the instrument, as well as supplementary suggestions for listening and reading, The Jazz Method For Saxophone is ideally suited both to students working alone and those learning with a teacher.


The jazz method for saxophone
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Jazz method for Saxophone
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