Developing Jazz Technique for Saxophone

Improve your playing with a great jazz band!

Following on from the best-selling Jazz Method for Saxophone, Developing Jazz Technique for Saxophone will help you develop your technical and improvisational skills.

The twenty-two pieces are in a variety of styles, including blues, swing, New Orleans, ragtime, jazz waltz, bossa nova, samba, salsa, calypso, reggae and South African.

The superb rhythm section of Phil Lee (guitar), Jeff Clyne (bass) and Paul Clarvis (drums) provides backing for all the pieces and exercises on the accompanying CD. You will feel like you are part of a great jazz band.

The book can also be used by French and German speakers, as the text and notes are in three languages.

Key features:

  • Advice on ear-training, phrasing and articulation.
  • How to improvise over simple harmonic forms.
  • Discussion of special effects such as vibrato, subtone, glissandi, false fingerings and bending notes.
  • Guidance on improvising over the II-V-I progression.
  • A special chapter on overtones.
  • Introduction of several new scales, including whole-tone and diminished scales.
  • Scale and arpeggio patterns to practise in all keys.
  • Suggestions for a basic repertoire of tunes.
  • Tables of chord symbols, modes and trill fingerings.
  • Chord sequences for all the tunes, so that your teacher or another musician can provide a live accompaniment.

Critical acclaim for Developing Jazz Technique for Saxophone:

‘O’Neill’s first book is superb and this one is just as well thought out. This is a clear concise and original book.
Gerard McChrystalClarinet & Saxophone magazine.

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