The Jazz Method for Clarinet

The Jazz Method for Clarinet

Learn to play the clarinet with a great jazz band!

Now in its 26th year of publication, The Jazz Method for Clarinet teaches you how to play through the idiom of jazz.

The Jazz Method for Clarinet is a complete course for beginner to intermediate students of all ages, guiding you from producing your first notes to the performance of compositions by great jazz musicians like Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins, Jimmy Giuffre and Horace Silver.

The accompanying CD provides backing for all the music. From the very beginning you play with a great jazz band, featuring Phil Lee (guitar), Jeff Clyne (bass) and Paul Clarvis (drums).

Key features:

  • Detailed explanation of the foundation techniques of breathing, embouchure, tonguing and posture.
  • Step-by-step instruction that guides you through a progression of specially written pieces.
  • A logical, systematic approach to learning the rhythmic subtleties of jazz.
  • Clear explanation of aspects of musical theory.
  • Improvisation is encouraged from an early stage.
  • Ear-training exercises.
  • Suggestions for listening and reading to help you learn more about jazz.
  • An interesting and musical approach to learning scales and arpeggios, with backing tracks that let you improvise using the scales.
  • Useful advice and information about care of the instrument, reeds, mouthpieces, accessories and transposition.
  • Chord sequences for all the tunes, so that the teacher or another musician can provide a ‘live’ accompaniment.

The Jazz Method for Clarinet is ideal both for teaching yourself and for learning with a teacher.

Critical acclaim for The Jazz Method for Clarinet

‘This book contains a true method covering all phases of the subject.’
Jimmy Giuffre, multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and teacher.

‘It is good to see a tutor treating each aspect of playing seriously and thoroughly, and can be warmly recommended, even for us non-jazzers.’
Gordon Egerton, Music Teacher magazine

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* A German translation, Die Jazzmethode für Klarinette, is also available. Customers using other currencies please note that my books are available worldwide from good music shops and online stores.