The Saxophone Method vol. 2

Improve your saxophone playing with a great band!

The Saxophone Method vol. 2 is aimed not only at those who have completed The Saxophone Method vol. 1, but at any alto saxophonist who has acquired a basic level of skill and wants to develop their technique.

By the end of The Saxophone Method you will:

  • understand the fundamentals of good playing technique.
  • have explored the full range of the instrument.
  • be familiar with the most common rhythms.
  • have a solid grounding in music theory.
  • have the confidence to play with a real band in many different styles.

The highest and lowest notes of the saxophone are particularly challenging, with regard both to tone production and technique. One of my aims in this book was therefore to help you develop the ability to play below low D and above high C.

The Saxophone Method vol. 2 introduces more complex rhythms, such as sixteenth notes (semiquavers), consecutive off-beats and triplet quarter notes (crotchets).

Learn to play in many different styles

As in The Saxophone Method vol. 1, there is a great variety of material to play, including folk music from all over the world, classical pieces from several different historical periods, and popular music in many different styles, including jazz, blues, bossa nova and calypso.

Free play-along and demonstration tracks

The mp3 play-along and demonstration tracks, featuring the same great musicians as vol. 1, will help to develop your ability to play in a band.

Supplementary materials you may find useful:

  • The Saxophone Method: Repertoire 2 gives you more music to practice and enjoy, and will help you consolidate what you have learned.
  • While it stands alone as a complete method, The Saxophone Method is also designed to complement my Jazz Method For Saxophone.

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