The Saxophone Method: Repertoire 1

Play saxophone with a great band in many different styles!

The Saxophone Method: Repertoire 1 provides those of you using the first part of The Saxophone Method vol. 1, and other beginners on the alto saxophone, with additional material that will help to develop and consolidate your technique, reading skills and ability to play in a group.

Play-along and demonstration audio tracks for all the tunes, featuring Richard Bolton (guitar), Simon Woolf (bass) and Andrés Ticino (percussion), will make you feel like you are part of a great band.

As with the other books in this series, the repertoire is wide-ranging, including folk music from all over the world, classical music from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century, blues and jazz. I chose it with a view to ensuring that you develop a good all-round knowledge of music and the ability to play in a variety of styles.

The level of difficulty of the pieces, with regard to their range of notes and rhythmic difficulty, runs parallel to that of The Saxophone Method vol. 1. Once you have played through the first three chapters of that book you will be ready to tackle the first pieces in this one.

I have included some seasonal songs, since in the many years I have been teaching I have always found these to be popular with my students.

While researching material for this book I listened to many different versions of the tunes that I have included, and in the process made some wonderful discoveries. At the end of some of the pieces I mention recordings that I particularly enjoyed, so that you would be able to listen to them too.

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