The Saxophone Method: Repertoire 2

Play the saxophone in many different styles with a great band!

The Saxophone Method: Repertoire 2 provides those using The Saxophone Method vol. 2and other intermediate level alto saxophone players, with additional material that will help to develop and consolidate technique, reading skills and the ability to play in a group.

The repertoire is once more extremely varied, including folk and popular music from North and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Europe and Scandinavia, and classical music from the Renaissance to the twentieth century. Playing in these different styles helps to develop technique and musicianship. I hope you will agree that the saxophone is just as well suited to playing the music of Bach or Monteverdi as it is to playing jazz.

The mp3 audio tracks will help you continue to develop your ability to play with other musicians and prepare you for live performance.

The level of difficulty of the music runs parallel to that of The Saxophone Method vol. 2.

Several pieces have been arranged for two or more saxophones, and recorded so that you can choose which part to play.

As with Repertoire 1, many of the tunes are followed by recommendations for listening.

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